The next big free agent signing the Mets should make after inking Edwin Diaz

Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Three
Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Three / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

While some of us were watching Kingpin on Sunday night, the New York Mets were busy making sure they didn’t Munson the offense. Edwin Diaz was signed to five-year deal worth $102 million. The ninth inning has never felt so secure in Flushing.

Immediate reaction to the deal from Mets fans was pure delight. There were those who tried to point out where it could go wrong or how it was an overpay. We can’t worry about that. If every free agent signing the Mets make this offense has the 2027 campaign in mind, the team will never move forward.

The MLB offseason is already underway with plenty of Mets action expected to take place quickly. So, what’s the next big move they should make?

The Mets need to sign Brandon Nimmo ASAP

The center field market is so shallow this offseason. It’s not unusual. This is a position we don’t regularly see a whole lot of depth. Center fielders these days tend to be weak fielders who can hit or great fielders who can deliver a .220 batting average. Brandon Nimmo is much better rounded as a player.

It would be unusual for Nimmo, a Scott Boras client, to sign quickly this offseason. However, if Nimmo has an interest in staying with the Mets, the two sides can certainly get something done quickly. As rare of a breed of outfielder as he is, teams can pass on him. It’s not impossible to win with a number nine hitter playing center field for you and winning a Gold Glove. You can punt offense from the position the same way many teams will do at catcher.

Nimmo may have learned a lesson from Michael Conforto last offseason about waiting too long. The circumstances are much different, but Nimmo could still see the number of suitors for him decline at some point. The Mets will need to make him a sweetheart offer quickly. Is there any doubt they will?

Although it’s signing Nimmo that should be a priority, it’s not what I would guess happens. A more realistic major free agent signing for the Mets to make is to ink Chris Bassitt. The veteran hurler acquired last offseason has already declined his part of the mutual option with the team. It was to be expected so we shouldn’t look at it as him pulling the escape hatch. He’s just looking for a different offer.

Other housekeeping duties could also take place prior to any major free agent addition. Picking up Carlos Carrasco’s option is one of those actions they could take.

Either way, the Mets are going to be on their toes early. They already have been. Buckle up.

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