The J.D. Martinez signing deserves only one grade and your loudest LFGM

A grade of any other kind doesn't make sense.
Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two / Harry How/GettyImages

Rewrite your expectations for the New York Mets. The two minutes to midnight signing of J.D. Martinez has completely amplified what this ball club looks like. The obvious missing piece of the puzzle, a right-handed hitting power bat in the middle of the order behind Pete Alonso, has arrived.

Martinez was never the perfect fit for the Mets based solely on the inability to play the field defensively. Limited to DH duties, when the Mets pivoted to some combination of Mark Vientos and DJ Stewart as the primary source of at-bats in this spot, it became even more necessary to ink the veteran slugger.

Thus spake David Stearns. He resisted until the offer was one they couldn’t refuse. The signing can only receive one grade.

Give the Mets an A+ for signing J.D. Martinez and your loudest LFGM

Playing with the deferred money will brilliantly help reduce the luxury tax penalty for the Mets which seems to always be the big hang up on any further additions. The Mets aren’t pinching pennies, but they aren’t so willing to click the “round up” option on the self-checkout. 

The deal worth just $4.5 million with deferred money not beginning until 2034 brilliantly evades a larger payment in penalties. Too irresistible at the price, give the Mets the only grade you can, an A+.

Standing out from some other possible deals is how obvious this one was for the Mets. They had a need. Martinez fills it. Furthermore, to be the winners in this rather than see Martinez sign with another ball club at such a reduced price, we have nothing but good vibes to feel.

If there’s any negative it’s that Martinez will have only a small number of spring training games to see live pitching. That cost comes from waiting out his market to job so significantly.

The Mets win here. They get a true power hitter coming off a big year for the amount they wanted and the time they wanted him for. 

Be thankful. Be grateful. If you’re not with us, be jealous.