Elvis Andrus and 3 other free agent infielders to look at right now

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4) NY Mets roster might want to take a stab at Andrelton Simmons

Andrelton Simmons had the worst season of all of the players on this list. He hit .173/.244/.187 as a member of the Chicago Cubs in only 85 plate appearances. He spent most of the season hurt so to sign him now to replace an injured player doesn’t feel like the right move to make.

However, Simmons might still be the best defensive player among these names. In a part-time role where he’s a second base or shortstop option off the bench, it’s not such a ridiculous addition to make.

But given the two straight seasons of unproductive action at the plate and injuries this year, he’s probably best to stay away from. Simmons’ bat has never been all that great and aside from being able to avoid strikeouts, there’s not much to like.

So this must mean Andrus is the answer. He seems to have the most ingredients the current Mets bench could use. The only risk is that he can’t adjust to the other positions which seems unlikely.

One team’s trash could be a treasure for the Mets this year; or at least a nice part of the roster to give them depth they’re missing right now.

Expect Billy Eppler to make a couple of phone calls and have some medical PDFs sent over to him in the coming days.

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