Elvis Andrus and 3 other free agent infielders to look at right now

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3) NY Mets roster does feel like a fit for Alcides Escobar

Wouldn’t that be something? With Noah Syndergaard now on the Phillies, the Mets bring in Alcides Escobar. Their 2015 World Series faceoff showed off just how tough Syndergaard was; a big difference from the Thor we see today.

Escobar has been in a more limited role over the last two seasons with the Washington Nationals. He’s playing more than shortstop which is a good thing for the Mets if he’s the one to target. Last year, Escobar did hit .288/.340/.404 in 349 chances. This season, however, he batted only .218/.260/.282 in 131 trips to the plate.

Escobar is a huge downgrade offensively from Guillorme and even the current version of Andrus the Mets would receive. Defensively, the only real advantage he has over Escobar is experience at other spots. Andrus is still the better ballplayer at this stage but Escobar might be more inclined to sign with the Mets in this limited role.

It’s a pretty close race between the two. If the plan is to the addition regularly, Andrus is the target. If the Mets just want a body to use in case of an emergency, Escobar wouldn’t be so bad.

Andrus remains in the lead for now with a small margin over victory over Escobar. The idea of moving him from an everyday player to a bench role is intriguing enough to see if maybe there is an improvement.