7 Mets free agent predictions

Predicting 7 players the Mets will sign this offseason.
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The Mets will inject more depth into their bullpen with the signing of Keynan Middleton

For most, Keynan Middleton is an unknown pitcher. However, in a reserved manner, Middleton was an effective pitcher throughout the season with the Chicago White Sox and in his short stay with the New York Yankees.

In 50 innings pitched this season, Middleton managed to retire 64 batters via strikeout with an ERA of 3.38. The former Yankee managed to induce weak contact this season, allowing a hard-hit contact rate of 31.1% with an exit velocity of just 85.3 mph, both among the top in the league.

Middleton has an arsenal of three pitches, with a balanced distribution between them. Middleton's change-up stands out among the three as it resulted in batters hitting at an average of just .208.

The combination of pitches, such as the change-up and the slider with a fastball that averages 95.5 mph, makes this pitcher generate enough swing and miss to retire batters by striking out. Likewise, their pitches generate a spin rate that manages to throw opponents off balance, and when they manage to make contact, They do so by hitting ground balls more than 56% of the time, which is a positive factor.

The Mets will sign Keynan Middleton as a middle reliever, giving the team a more reliable option than they have had in the recent past. The low cost and effectiveness of this pitcher will make this signing one of the team's smartest this winter.