7 Mets free agent predictions

Predicting 7 players the Mets will sign this offseason.
World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan
World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Mets would look to the international market to obtain a reliever with potential in their bullpen

In addition to the rotation, one area of ​​concern that underperformed in 2023 was the bullpen. Now, the team faces a shortage of reliable options that can complement Edwin Diaz, who is projected to return in 2024.

Free agency does not show many high-end relievers beyond the figure of Josh Hader, who will demand a large sum of money, something that the Mets will not be willing to do for another reliever. However, the market shows an interesting figure, who had great exposure and performance in the last World Baseball Classic.

Cuban free agent Yariel Rodriguez is in the Dominican Republic training to sign as a reliever in MLB. Yariel played in the World Baseball Classic with the Cuban representation and pitched in Japan until this season when he did not travel to be able to reach MLB.

Rodriguez is a starting pitcher converted to a reliever with an arsenal of five pitches, all with good velocity and spin rate. His fastball averages 96 mph, and his slider has great movement.

In his role as a reliever in Japan, he managed to pitch 175 innings where he had 188 strikeouts with an ERA of 3.03. The Mets need reinforcements in the bullpen, and Rodriguez will be a lethal weapon in high-leverage situations alongside Brooks Raley, serving as a bridge for Edwin Diaz in games.