7 Mets free agent predictions

Predicting 7 players the Mets will sign this offseason.
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The Mets are going to complete their rotation with a veteran pitcher

Fans always expect their teams to go after the best players in free agency. However, it is fair to think that Mets fans have understood that the big names are not always the best fit for their team or its plans.

Therefore, in a rotation where the Mets would have Yamamoto, Senga, Severino, and Quintana, the need for a highly renowned player is not so vital. However, one aspect that the Mets do need is a veteran, with experience and health to help manage the team's innings, something that affected the rotation in 2023.

A pitcher who fits that description is Kyle Gibson. Gibson signed a $10 million contract with the Orioles last offseason and managed to have a good season despite his age.

Gibson ended up pitching 192 innings in 2023, where he posted a 4.73 ERA and 2.6 WAR. One aspect that stands out about this pitcher is that he has better achieved his command by considerably limiting his walks and that he induces a large number of hits by ground ball.

A pitcher of Gibson's experience with the ability to give the Mets between 175-200 innings, for the value of a contract similar to the one he signed last season, would be a good deal for the team. The Mets will get a good return from Gibson as the fifth starter in their rotation.