Every Mets free agent signing prediction made by MLB Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors isn't optimistic about a huge offseason for the Mets.
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MLB Trade Rumors released their annual list of free agent predictions. What do their staff writers predict for the New York Mets?

Three of their staff members chose one team for the top 50 free agents to pair up with an agreed-upon contract. Who have they selected for the Mets?

Jordan Montgomery, six-years at $150 million

Jordan Montgomery is the best free agent chosen to sign with the Mets this offseason. It’s a bit of a bummer because that means no Shohei Ohtani or Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Montgomery is definitely a fit for the Mets, however, I think many of us have him in mind as the second-best free agent for them to land, not the top choice.

Jorge Soler, three-years at $45 million

I have doubts about this one actually coming true given how limited Jorge Soler is. He’s a year or two away from only being useful as a DH. Do the Mets really want to trap themselves into a three-year commitment with someone like him? His power is undeniable. Beyond hitting home runs, he doesn’t bring much. Three years feels a little too long for another low batting average, high power potential player like Soler who has been very up-and-down in his career.

Lucas Giolito, two-years at $44 million

Lucas Giolito actually has two of the three predicting he signs with the Mets. The short-term deal at a not-so-modest AAV of $22 million, the Mets would be buying low on the free agent starter who ended up with three teams last year. This isn’t so bad if the Mets are looking for a proven innings eater.

J.D. Martinez, two-years at $40 million

This seems expensive for an older DH. If the Mets spend $20 million per year on J.D. Martinez, they need to go crazy at other places. It’s probably close to what Martinez will earn. Some health problems in recent years and the limitation to only playing the DH spot should have the Mets thinking hard about going in this direction.

Kenta Maeda, two-years at $36 million

This is an interesting one. They pass on the big name Japanese stars and instead end up with an aging one who has been around the MLB for a couple of seasons already. Kenta Maeda missed all of 2022 and came back to pitch decently in 2023 for the Minnesota Twins. Next season will be his age 36 campaign and that’s a big reason why I’d be hesitant about being pleased with this.

Robert Stephenson, four-years at $36 million

As much of a fan of Muppet Treasure Island as I was growing up, it’s not enough to convince me Robert Stephenson is a suitable addition for the Mets bullpen. His middle name isn’t even Lewis. Stephenson has bounced around the league over the last few years while pitching pretty well at times. This contract seems way too long for a pitcher with a lifetime 4.64 ERA. Because of how needy the Mets are in the bullpen, it’s acceptable for a shorter period of time.

Reynaldo Lopez, three-years at $30 million

This is a much more appealing addition for the Mets bullpen. Less time. Better player. A little younger. Reynaldo Lopez has turned into a very good bullpen arm since transitioning away from the starting role. He had the experience of getting traded to the Los Angeles Angels and then being placed on waivers last year. All the while, he continued to perform even better at the next stop.