Mets free agent prediction: Where Jacob deGrom signs and for how much

Chicago Cubs v New York Mets
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Jacob deGrom isn’t going to take the first contract offer he gets. New York Mets fans will be in for an entire offseason of speculation. Will he or will he not return?

Everyone has their own idea of what lies ahead for deGrom. Fans eager to see him return will be bugging Steve Cohen on Twitter until a new deal is signed. Those a little fed up with him opting out are ready to turn and look for someone else.

Before the frenzy officially begins, let’s predict what happens. Will deGrom be back in orange and blue next year or is he destined for somewhere else?

Mets prediction: Jacob deGrom signs a four-year deal worth $174 million with the Texas Rangers

Oof! We got the pain out of the way. deGrom is going to sign with the Texas Rangers. It’s all over, folks. Get ready to see your Mets deGrom jerseys go retro.

The $174 million over four years is significant. Where does it come from? It’s slightly more than the AAV for Max Scherzer. The Rangers will pay him an average of $43.5 million over the next four seasons as opposed to the $43.3 million headed toward Scherzer’s bank account.

The Mets will give deGrom a fair offer but what pushes him toward Texas is the fourth year. I’m predicting the extra season is the deal breaker and ultimately leads to Jake fleeing from the Empire State to the Lone Star State.

It’s not the most pleasant of predictions for the Mets. However, I have previously predicted over at FanSided what the Mets will do as a counterattack: sign Justin Verlander.

Verlander is the most similar free agent to deGrom that the Mets can possibly add. On a one-year deal topping $30 million for the 2023 campaign, they’re set up well temporarily.

deGrom has been a huge part of Mets history already and keeping him around would have been the best way to continue the legacy. Unfortunately, the crystal ball has other plans with this prediction.

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