Mets free agent face-off: Justin Turner vs. J.D. Martinez

Who is the better DH fit for the Mets?
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The verdict

Like you, I already knew my preferred choice was Turner. He can be had for one year. Martinez should be seeking at least two seasons after the damage he just did. There are certain types of players the Mets should be looking to add for more than a season. The DH spot isn’t necessarily one of them.

Martinez’s appeal comes down to how much power a team may need. Despite not feeling like they had a threatening lineup, hitting home runs came a bit more easily than expected. Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor each topped 30. Francisco Alvarez should get there in 2024.

The Mets cannot go wrong by signing either of these veterans. Each is a professional hitter in their own way.

Based on the way the roster is constructed, Turner will always make more sense for the Mets. What’s more, with power being such a big part of Martinez’s appeal, Citi Field isn’t exactly the most hitter-friendly environment. Turner is a more capable player when it comes to challenging for a .300 batting average while stockpiling doubles. He might be the older of the two, but he was easily the healthier one last year. 

There’s no kicking and screaming to do if the Mets end up with Martinez. It’s the kind of year where you either whine about everything or accept the positives. You know; one of those upcoming years where a 162-game schedule looks like 662.