5 Mets DH options to sign in free agency not named Shohei Ohtani

Adding another proven bat should be a priority for the Mets.
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2) NY Mets DH option to pursue in free agency: J.D. Martinez

Remember all of the Mets rumors that linked them to J.D. Martinez last season? They never made much sense to me as the former Red Sox DH had just a .790 OPS, regressing in a big way from where he consistently was. Martinez was battling back issues and just didn't look like the same player he once was.

With his value at its lowest, the Dodgers scooped him up in free agency to do what they do with virtually every free agent they sign except for Noah Syndergaard. Fix him. Boy, have they done a good job with J.D.

Martinez is slashing .268/.322/.564 with 30 home runs and 95 RBI in 105 games for Los Angeles as their primary DH. He was an all-star and has a 134 OPS+. He's raised his OPS by 100 points, re-establishing himself as one of the game's best designated hitters once again.

There are some obvious concerns in signing 36-year-old Martinez coming off a random resurgent season to what would likely be a lucrative multi-year contract, but if the Mets get anything close to what the Dodgers have gotten out of him, their offense would look a whole lot better.