The biggest outfield bust the Mets have ever signed

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If you are a fan of the New York Mets, you are always thinking about the contracts they gave out to players in previous years. Optimistic fans will look at the good contracts they have given out, like Jacob deGrom, R.A. Dickey, and Carlos Beltran.

While there have been many contracts that Mets fans have been satisfied with, many contracts are looked back at in a negative way. Even though they looked like a good deal at the time, there have been contracts that turned into a complete bust.

We can look at numerous different players and positions that have turned out to be awful deals, but let's take a look at the outfield position, specifically with the biggest outfield bust the Mets have ever signed.

The biggest Mets outfield free agent bust: Jason Bay- 4 years/ $66 million dollars

Former Mets general manager Omar Minaya wanted to make a splash after the 2009 season, and one of the players he chose to do so was outfielder Jason Bay. He thought Bay would be the perfect guy to patrol left field and add power to the lineup.

Bay was an absolute stud with the Pittsburgh Pirates for the first six years of his career, including winning rookie of the year in 2004. He hit .281 in his six-year tenure with the Pirates with 139 HR and 452 RBI. Bay was one of baseball's hottest comitties, and he brought that with him to Boston.

The year before the Mets signed him, signed Bay hit .267 with 36 HR and 119 RBI with the Boston Red Sox and finished 7th in the American League MVP voting. All Mets fans were excited to sign Bay and thought he would bring precisely what they needed to the team.

Minaya and the Mets were ultimately wrong, as Bay's tenure with the Mets could not have gone worse. In Bay's first year with the team, he only played 95 games with only 6 HR and 47 RBI. The Mets were hoping that year was just an injury-filled fluke, but that wasn't the case. In his second year with the team, and the year Bay played the most games (123), it was also a major disappointment, only hitting .245 with 12 HR and 57 RBI.

Bay only played 288 games in 3 years with the team and only hit 26 HR. There is no question that Bay's injuries caught up with him, and you can feel for him as a person, but from the Mets, perspective Bay was one of, if not the biggest, outfield bust they ever signed.

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