3 freak Mets injuries that we will never forget

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3) NY Mets freak injury: Bob Ojeda and hedge clippers

One of the more bizarre freak injuries in Mets history was back in 1988 when pitcher Bob Ojeda had to have part of his left middle finger reattached after severing it with an electric hedge clipper in a gardening accident at his home. The injury was so bad that Ojeda's finger was almost completely severed at the joint.

While surgeons were able to successfully attach Ojeda's finger back in place, Ojeda wound up missing the rest of the season for the Mets. At the time Ojeda had pitched to a 2.88 ERA for the Mets before the injury and there was genuine concern whether he would have feeling in that finger again, which he ultimately regained.

The Mets ended up losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series that season in seven games, and it could be argued that maybe the Mets' fortunes would have been different if they had Ojeda available to pitch in that series as Sid Fernandez did not pitch well in his lone start during the NLCS.

Ojeda was also never the same with the Mets upon returning as he largely struggled and was relegated to the bullpen. Ojeda was then traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers after the 1990 season which would end what was a promising career with the Mets after one of the most freak injuries you will ever hear of in baseball history.

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