3 freak Mets injuries that we will never forget

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2) NY Mets freak injury: Yoenis Cespdes' encounter with a wild boar

Who could ever forget the infamous Yoenis Cespedes wild boar incident? It's not too long ago that Cespedes was a bonafide star for the Mets and he had signed one of the largest contracts in franchise history after the 2016 MLB season. Unfortunately, injuries plagued Cespedes following the new deal, but this injury came completely out of left field.

Back in May 2019 as Cespedes was rehabbing and working his way back from surgery on both of his heels, he had fractured his right ankle on his ranch, which ultimately ended any chance of him returning to play that season. While General Manager at the time Brodie Van Wagenen had simply played the injury down as Cespedes simply falling and injuring himself, the truth eventually came out (as it always does).

Following the 2019 season, reports finally emerged that Cespedes had actually fractured his ankle by stepping in a hole on his ranch after having an encounter with a wild boar. The Mets and Cespedes would then move forward in restructuring his large contract, which at the onset cost him a little over $15 million.

From that point forward we all saw how the ending of Cespedes's term as a Met played out during the 2020 season and it went down as one of the more disappointing endings to a career in a Mets uniform after starting with so much promise.