Why some fans will never accept Francisco Lindor

May 28, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) takes off his
May 28, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) takes off his / John Leyba-USA TODAY Sports

We are already one-third through the season, and the New York Mets have not had the start many fans would have imagined. After getting swept by the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend, they sit at an even 30-30, the definition of a mediocre team at this point in the season.

This team has been inconsistent in many areas. However, the critical area that jumps out at you is the hitting. When the lineup isn't producing the way it should be, you look at the guys carrying the team, and maybe the first guy you'll look at is their star shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Lindor is hitting a subpar .213 on the season with an OBP of only .284. He does have 10 HR and 40 RBI, which is 6th in the National League, but he has not produced as Mets fans would hope, and to be quite frankly, what he's capable of.

Some Mets fans will never accept Francisco Lindor because of his contract

When the Mets traded for Lindor about three years ago, we all knew we were getting a star and a guy you can build a team around for years to come. Right before the 2021 season began, Lindor and the Mets agreed on a ten-year, $341 million contract. That contract and those numbers are why some fans will never leave Lindor alone, especially when he's not performing.

When a player is getting $34.1 million a year, fans expect him to be one of the best players in baseball, and so far, Lindor's 2023 season has been far from that. While he has been excellent in the field, which he always is, his performance at the plate has been dreadful. He is 3 for his last 27, and in his previous 15 games overall, he is batting .177 with an OBP of just .212.

Those numbers aren't suitable for a rookie. Never mind a player that is supposed to be one of if not the best hitters on your team. Unfortunately, the fans have been letting him hear it at Citi Field, as he has gotten several boos the past week. Personally, I am a massive fan of Lindor, and I believe he will turn it around and get back on track, but there is no way around it; he has been playing bad baseball, and with the money he makes, the fans expect more, and that will always be the main focal point on how well he's doing.