Mets slugger Francisco Alvarez is doing things we usually only see from Hall of Famers

Francisco Alvarez is a rare gem.
New York Yankees v New York Mets
New York Yankees v New York Mets / Luke Hales/GettyImages

We know Francisco Alvarez is a special player. We’ve come to accept he is more than a slugger, too. His impact on the New York Mets this season has been felt well beyond the threat of power he brings with him each time he steps to the plate. However, those home runs remain the bread and butter of what makes him such a rarity in the game.

His 30th career home run against the New York Yankees on Wednesday put him in some rare company among backstops before turning 23.

Francisco Alvarez is doing things we only usually see from Hall of Famers

Rare power from the catcher position at a young age remains the most unique Alvarez brings to the game. A lot has been made about his defensive gifts this season and the impact it has had on pitchers.

Back to the basics and toward more easily to quantify numbers, this accomplishment serves as a reminder as to why we’ve been excited for him for a couple of years already.

Of significant note, Alvarez isn’t just hammering home runs. With 4 this season in 107 plate appearances, the slash line is far better than where he finished last season. Alvarez is now batting .313/.383/.521 on the season.

It’s a new type of offensive production from Alvarez we’ve seen. During this ongoing 9-game hitting streak, Alvarez is 16 for 31. Three of his four home runs on the year have come over the last week. Just because the home runs are fresher and even behind where he was last year doesn’t mean he has been void of power. His 8 doubles have already come close to matching the 12 he had in all of last season.

Alvarez hitting this well gives the club a dangerous number five hitter option. He has hit there in the last three games with Starling Marte out. He has performed well, even drawing 4 walks. In those three games, he hasn’t struck out either.

A difference-maker in so many ways, the topic of an extension for the rising star needs to swing back around again. He’s doing things seen mostly only from Hall of Fame players.