Francisco Alvarez is on the All-Star ballot, don’t forget to vote

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies
New York Mets v Colorado Rockies / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Every team gets one catcher on the All-Star ballot. Go figure, the guy on the New York Mets roster to represent them happens to be Francisco Alvarez. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Back in the day when you could only vote with a paper ballot at the stadium, changes like this couldn’t be made.

Alvarez leads the Mets in games played at the position so he’s the obvious choice to go with. It’s a no-doubter decision. The bigger question is whether or not he’ll actually win the votes.

NY Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez has a lot of competition for the All-Star Game

Mets fans will need to turn out to vote in a huge wave to get Alvarez to the All-Star Game. He trails only Sean Murphy in home runs at the start of the day on Wednesday but with a dozen or more games less than many of the other competitors, Alvarez falls well behind them in other statistics.

His current .259/.316/.537 slash line falls short of Murphy and the .286/.398/.553 he has hit for the Atlanta Braves. It’s never easy to compete against a Braves player on the All-Star ballot. Ownership of the Southeastern United States and anyone who grew up with TBS and no local team to follow will probably seek him out as their choice.

Tough competitors go beyond Murphy. Will Smith of the Los Angeles Dodgers is hitting .305/.411/.519 and right up there with Murphy in run production. Colorado Rockies catcher Elias Diaz and his .329/.385/.506 batting line could even become a consideration as the lone player from his ball club to represent them.

Voting for the All-Star Game has just gotten underway and the National League has some heavy hitters to potentially knock the star Mets rookie away. William Contreras is having a good year for the Milwaukee Brewers. Even Willson Contreras could earn some votes from the St. Louis faithful.

Working in Alvarez’s favor beyond just being one of the league’s most exciting rookies is coming in as the top catcher alphabetically. Those too lazy to scroll or care enough to see who else is available might settle for tossing a tally in his direction.

The Mets have several candidates they could send to this year’s All-Star Game. Will Alvarez be one of them? You can vote here.