3 former Yankees who could reunite with Carlos Mendoza on the Mets

Should Carlos Mendoza campaign for any of these ex-Yankees?
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2) Luis Severino

There is much less to gush about with Luis Severino as there is with Montgomery. Nevertheless, his name seems to keep getting brought up as a potential option for the Mets rotation. He turns 30 early next year with some big questions about his health and whether or not he can get back to the All-Star level he was at in 2018.

Severino tossed only 18 innings from 2019-2021 and returned to form in 2022 albeit in only 19 starts. The 2022 season seemed like a promising bouncing off point for him to answer any questions in a positive way. Unfortunately, staying healthy and productive wasn’t in the plans for 2023.

The ex-Yankees pitcher is coming off of a miserable 4-8, 6.65 ERA performance. He made 18 starts and a relief appearance in a year in which nothing seemed to go right.

Why would the Mets want him? As a fifth starter rebound candidate, we can make some sense of it. I’d personally stay away simply because there are better players fitting this description for the Mets to seek. The connection to Mendoza could make him a more likely option, though. David Stearns is the one calling the shots and yet he’d be doing his job half-heartedly if he isn’t consulting the manager.