5 recent former Mets players who can help their team win a World Series

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2) Former Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud did it before and can do it again for the Braves

Travis d’Arnaud has broken the hearts of Mets fans plenty since departing. For him to eventually land with the rival Atlanta Braves makes it even more frustrating as he has finally developed into a reliable offensive catcher—something he never was during his time in New York.

Mets fans have already experienced the pain of seeing d’Arnaud succeed elsewhere. There might not be a place worse for him to do so well than with the Braves. They’ve consistently been the greatest foe of the Mets for a few decades already.

d’Arnaud won’t get a chance to directly impact the Mets in the postseason until the NLCS at the earliest. That’s if both teams are able to survive and advance long enough to meet up.

3) Former Mets bench mob member Brandon Drury can take down his ex-team

The first team the Mets will face in the 2022 MLB playoffs employ Brandon Drury. Remember him on the Mets? A minor participant in 2021 when the bench mob was everyone’s favorite group of part-time players, Drury had an All-Star-caliber year with the Cincinnati Reds before he was traded to the San Diego Padres.

Drury hasn’t been quite as great with San Diego but remains capable of putting a dent in the Mets’ hopes and dreams of advancing. He might not be one of the first ex-Mets you think of appearing in this year’s postseason.

Because he was with the club recently and is guaranteed to participate against his ex-ball club, the list needed to include him.