3 former Mets players who had a big opening weekend

These three exes had a big start to their season.

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres
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2) J.D. Davis

Once a Met and distantly almost a Met again, J.D. Davis is also a two-time former teammate of Conforto’s. His tenure with the Mets ended in the infamous 2022 trade deadline deal with the Giants. But it’s across the bay where he is getting his shot to play.

After passing through waivers and looking at a few free agent offers, Davis signed on to play for the Oakland Athletics. Playing at home this weekend in front of an Oakland crowd that has surrendered all hope, Davis showed off why some Mets fans were eager to invite him back prior to the J.D. Martinez signing.

Tied for the American League lead in home runs with two, Davis’ early pair of solo shots have made a good early impression in Oakland. Having already played at both corner infield spots and the owner of a four game hitting streak to begin the year, it looks like this surprise pickup by the Athletics could turn into a very effective one.

The obvious hopeful outcome for Davis is to play well enough to the point the Athletics end up trading him. There’s no reason for him to ever sit considering the state of their organization.