1 former Mets player we already know will punish them in 2023

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Daniel Murphy set a new standard for dangerous exes in 2016. After leaving the New York Mets following an epic postseason, Murphy signed with the Washington Nationals and obliterated his former team every chance he got. He would go on to finish second in the MVP race that year.

Under completely different circumstances, another former Mets player has left for the Nationals. Dominic Smith stays in the National League East and already there is something in our bones saying he’s going to be the ex to keep texting, leaving notes on our car, and spill all of our secrets after fake befriending our new beau.

Dominic Smith is prime for a Mets revenge tour in 2023

If there is one good spin on this, the balanced MLB schedule does mean a few less games against the Nationals. There won’t be 19 games against them. It has been cut down to 13.

The Mets don’t see the Nationals much late in the year either. They don’t play each other at all in August. In September, there are only two games right after Labor Day. Smith can factor into the Mets’ push for the postseason. He’ll have to do it early on and hope for fans to reflect back and think “if only so-and-so didn’t throw that meatball right down the middle of the plate to Dom Smith in May.”

Smith’s departure is nothing personal from him or the fans. He’s actually one of those guys I think fans are going to always root for. He brought a positive energy to the field starting in 2019 when his job was questioned with the arrival of Pete Alonso.

Smith proved he was resilient during the last few seasons with the Mets. He played a lot of left field in an attempt to find his place with the team. In 2020, he was their best hitter.

All of it was done with a good attitude. There were moments last year when talks of a trade were rampant. Of course they would be. Smith wanted to do what he loves. That’s play baseball.

We all wish Dom the best in Washington and any other city he may end up with one exception. When he plays the Mets, we’d prefer he wears a Golden Sombrero.

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