Former Mets outfielder is having a monster stretch with his new team post-trade deadline

Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers
Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers / Kayla Wolf/GettyImages

Justin Verlander never really felt like a New York Mets player. Tommy Pham was a good story but there was little attachment. Max Scherzer did what he could to burn his bridges on his way out. 

The players traded away at the deadline gave us all different kinds of feels. The one we may have had the most fondness for was Mark Canha.

A member of the Mets for about a year and a half, Canha was a good match for what the fans want from a person. He was charitable, open-minded, and fun. If there was any player sent packing this summer we'd root for to have success, he'd be the guy. Landing with the Brewers didn’t hurt either. There really isn’t much animosity toward them.

Former NY Mets outfielder Mark Canha is red hot for Milwaukee

Canha went to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Justin Jarvis. It wasn't a trade that made national headlines. Canha wasn't having a great year for New York. He wasn't expected to carry the Brewers like Verlander could for the Houston Astros or Scherzer would for the Texas Rangers. An expected trade Brewers fans might have been neutral about, it’s becoming one of the best of the summer.

Milwaukee's success hasn't all been Canha, but he has certainly been a big help in making sure they get into the postseason by winning the division.

Through his first 39 games with the Brewers, Canha is slashing .319/.404/.481 with 5 home runs and 26 RBI. He has found himself batting leadoff and cleanup regularly for Milwaukee lately while playing both corner outfield positions. He’s doing everything he did in New York and then some.

How unexpected is Canha’s performance? In about twice as many plate appearances for the Mets, he had 6 home runs and 29 RBI. It’s almost unfathomable how perfect of a fit he has been for them.

The real capper came on Saturday when Canha hit a grand slam to untie a 5-5 game with two outs in the bottom of the eighth. The clutch swing was something we enjoyed about Canha, usually against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Canha has a team option next year and the Brewers might want to think about keeping him around if this is the kind of performance he’ll put together.