5 former Mets player fan favorites without a job as spring training nears

Who's interested in a forced reunion?
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David Robertson remains a free agent

In a free agent class with several other former Mets, the final choice for this list is David Robertson. A quiet veteran who didn’t rattle any feathers during his time with the ball club and seemed to truly want to stay in New York, his time with the Metsies came to a conclusion in late July when he was shipped to the Miami Marlins. Trading their closer signaled the front office had given up on the season. Dominoes began to fall as did Robertson’s season performance.

With the Mets, Robertson was elite. He was well on his way to earning another big one-year contract and likely a closer gig somewhere else. The Mets paid him $10 million to set up Edwin Diaz only for their stud closer to go down with an injury before the regular season began.

In came Robertson to save the day. But some hard times with the Marlins hurt his overall season numbers. It lowered his asking price and possibly even the level of interest some teams may have in him.

Robertson’s one year with the Mets wasn’t nearly as brilliant as what Loup did statistically, but as the closer, it may have been far more important. A return to the Mets was always something that could’ve potentially happened. Given how this offseason has shaken out, it feels far less likely.