5 former Mets player fan favorites without a job as spring training nears

Who's interested in a forced reunion?
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Tommy Pham remains a free agent

The irony of Tommy Pham making this list is when the Mets signed him there was a lot of backlash. Among all of the offseason moves the team made heading into 2023, the Pham signing was met with the most scrutiny. He started off poorly but soon became one of the team’s best players.

Tough and gutsy, Pham would go on to hit .268/.348/.472 for the Mets in his part-time role that grew into more of an everyday one. Originally brought in to start mostly against lefties, poor performance from Daniel Vogelbach and outfielder Mark Canha allowed a little more playing time for Pham.

After getting traded to the eventual NL pennant winning Arizona Diamondbacks, Pham was critical of the lack of hard work Mets players were putting into their performance. It created more questions about the 2023 clubhouse and how much the relations of players may have dragged the team down. It wasn’t that anyone was necessarily a bad person as much as they had differing opinions on some important things.

Pham’s current free agent status might have a little something to do with questions about how well he’ll fit in certain locker rooms. Fans of his hope he lands with a contender. Lovers of drama can cross their fingers hoping it’s on the same roster with fellow free agent Joc Pederson. They’d make a pretty decent platoon.