5 former Mets player fan favorites without a job as spring training nears

Who's interested in a forced reunion?
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets - Game One
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Eduardo Escobar remains a free agent

Eduardo Escobar never reached the level of popularity as Syndergaard did. Still, he was very well-liked by teammates and fans even during his 2022 slump. Fans don’t hold ill-will against him. After all, his Player of the Month honor at the end of 2022 was an absolute treat. He was one of the handful of players who actually showed up to play in the playoffs.

Escobar’s bright personality is what had fans rooting for him. It helped that the Mets were playing well around the veteran infielder as well. Almost forgotten because of the team’s success in 2022 is how poorly Escobar played for many months. He revved up the engine for the NL East title chase only for many of his teammates to blow out their tires.

Escobar’s time with the Mets ended with a June trade in 2023 to the Los Angeles Angels. They decided not to pick up his option for 2024, leaving him in no man’s land for the time being.

A fit to return to the Mets? Strangely, he is, but that’s only because the spot he occupied was never replaced. He’d be a Plan-B for any team that misses out on signing Justin Turner this offseason. A poor defensive player well past his prime, Mets fans have nothing but nice things to say about the person he is.