Daniel Vogelbach already making enemies and getting under the skin of his new rivals

Daniel Vogelbach has already made an enemy.

Feb 27, 2024; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach (20) hits
Feb 27, 2024; Lakeland, Florida, USA; Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach (20) hits / Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t see too much of this during the time Daniel Vogelbach spent on the New York Mets roster:

The now-ex Mets DH signed with the Toronto Blue Jays this offseason. The contract is a minor league deal with an invite to camp. All he’s hoping for is a shot at making the club. Shots like this off of New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole may help.

Cole wasn’t so happy about the home run trot which, for all we know, came at max-speed from Vogey.

Daniel Vogelbach getting under Gerrit Cole’s skin is something Mets fans can enjoy

Cole hasn’t always been the most accepting of his own failures. Billy Crystal was blamed back in 2022 for an early bludgeoning he reserved.

Coming off of a Cy Young season with the Yankees, one might think Cole would simply tip his cap in Vogelbach’s direction. Cole didn’t take the high road here. Instead, he chose to let Vogelbach tread all over him.

Frankly, it didn’t seem all that slow of a trot compared to many others. Was Cole expecting Vogelbach to move around the bases as quickly as Brandon Nimmo gets to first base on a walk?

Cole saying he won’t forget this certainly comes across as a threat. Is a plunking on the way?

If so, it’s certainly a petty reaction on Cole’s behalf. Vogelbach didn’t flip a bat. He didn’t talk trash. He admired a moonshot in spring training. Cole seems to understand how meaningless it was all the while taking the bomb personally.

The Yankees and Blue Jays play each other again next Friday. Retaliation on the way? It’s unlikely. The odds of Cole even pitching in the game are slim and for one of his teammates to throw at a veteran who was non-tendered and by most accounts not a problematic human being, this face-off is only bound to get settled if Cole and Vogelbach go against each other in the regular season. The chances of this will depend largely on how many other pitchers’ egos Vogelbach can scratch up before Opening Day.