Former Mets pitcher suggested as a theoretical trade deadline bargain for the Braves

You get what you pay for.
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers          .
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers . / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

On one hand, this trade scenario sticks it to the New York Mets. On the other, we can all envision how this theoretical trade scenario would infiltrate the Atlanta Braves, get their hopes up, and sink their season.

Jackson Roberts of The Sporting News proposed the Braves seek out a trade with the Texas Rangers to acquire Max Scherzer. Seeing as $20.83 million of his $43.33 million for 2024 is being paid by the Mets, it would be a financial bargain for the Braves especially if the Rangers continue to pay a part of the bill.

Scherzer has made two starts since returning from the IL. The great unknown of what he can be for Atlanta down the stretch makes this no sure thing. And given his failings in the postseason, Mets fans wouldn’t get too frantic about seeing him end up with the Braves.

A Max Scherzer trade to the Braves shouldn’t have Mets fans freaking out

The Braves boldly traded for Chris Sale in the offseason and have benefited. It would be an equal gamble to give up anything of value for Scherzer. As impressive as he has been in the regular season, his playoff performance has typically been much less so.

Scherzer memorably lost his one Mets playoff start in 2022. Last year with the Rangers, Scherzer combined to pitch only 6.2 innings in 2 starts in the ALCS against the Houston Astros. He stuck in the rotation for the World Series but was lifted after only 3 innings.

Durability is the biggest concern for anyone who might seek out Scherzer in a trade. Sidelined for most of this season, even some high-flying numbers shouldn’t have the Rangers asking for all that much more than some salary relief and some expendable young talent.

The Braves might need to get creative with this type of trade just as the Mets did last summer when they paid down the remainder of his 2023 salary and nearly half of what was owed in 2024. Unless Texas can pull themselves up in the playoff race, Scherzer should be available. Fret not, Mets fans. Wherever he goes, we know better than to grow too concerned. He hasn’t won any of his last 7 playoff appearances. Last year’s Rangers won for reasons that didn’t involve Mad Max. 

Let the Braves have him if they’d like. We know he’d probably get the best of the Mets in the regular season. If the two clubs square off in the postseason, expect him to walk off the mound in the middle of the fifth with a crooked number against him.