From shortstop to songwriter Jose Reyes is chasing a new score with his new full-length album

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Jose Reyes has left his mark in the New York Mets history books as one of, if not, the greatest shortstop ever to wear a Mets jersey. Now in his post-playing career, Reyes has been working heavily on a new venture with a career in music.

Reyes has been sporadically dropping singles on music streaming platforms since 2011, in which he has racked up millions of streams, and on Friday, July 14th he released a full-length album titled Mistico off his own record label Siete Music (translated to his famous Mets number 7). The album contains 12 tracks and has a healthy mixture of dembow and trap music which is a widely popular sound among urban Latin music today.

Former Mets shortstop Jose Reyes has found immense success in the music industry since retiring from baseball

Many Latin players have promoted Reyes' music on social media over the years and on his release day it was no different, as many players shared the release of his new album on their social media stories including former Mets pitcher Oliver Perez. The entire album Mistico can be found on all music streaming platforms as well as on YouTube.

As a Mets fan, and especially as a Jose Reyes fan, It has been impressive to watch him pour his talents into another passion post-retirement from the game of baseball. While I would give about just anything to watch him swipe a base again or hit a ball into the gap that he would effortlessly turn into a triple, it seems that Reyes is at peace and enjoying his life outside of the game of baseball.

While it may not be far-fetched to see Reyes in a dugout again, as he recently was part of the Dominican Republic coaching staff in this year's World Baseball Classic, it may be a better bet watching him headline a summer post-game concert at Citi Field in the near future as his music career takes off.