Former Mets GM talks about Pete Alonso, Paul Skenes, and a sweaty photo choice

Zack Scott remains one of the interesting baseball people on Twitter.
San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Former New York Mets General Manager Zack Scott continues to share a lot about his time in MLB front offices with one of his latest transparent tales being about the firing of Chili Davis. 

This wasn’t exactly breaking news. It was common knowledge back in 2021 that many players, especially Pete Alonso, were unhappy with the decision. As Scott shared, Alonso approached him but he came to understand the decision. Scott’s hyperbolic choice of “ready to throw down” was unfortunately taken out of context by the New York Post.

Scott, on purpose or accidentally, hilariously responded first by calling out the sweaty photo choice and secondly by how deceptive the setup for what actually happened appears.

The question: was Scott bothered more by the misleading title or the excessive perspiration snapped in the photo?

The ex-Mets GM had some other interesting things to say recently

Aside from the self-deprecating humor while correcting the NY Post, Scott chimed in on a tweet from Cameron Maybin. Maybin, as you may remember, was traded to the Mets in 2021 for a buck. It wasn’t one of Scott’s better transactions but definitely the cheapest. You can’t even get something from a vending machine these days for a buck.

The topic was Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Paul Skenes.

Skenes has already made his way to Triple-A despite getting drafted just last summer. His 0.99 ERA in 27.1 innings of work has already made him more than the future Mr. Olivia Dunne. He’s someone Pirates fans will come to enjoy and hopefully not see traded away once his arbitration number begins to get a little too ridiculous.

Scott’s point on innings management is valid and something Mets fans could hear about this year. Unrelated, Christian Scott made his way to the MLB roster last week and we need to wonder how far the ball club will push him. He has never gone over 100 innings in college or the professionals. It’s May 8 and he is already almost a third of the way to the century mark.

As needed, Scott spoke about Scott. It wasn’t just doing a favor for a family member either but one does have to curiously wonder if sharing a surname caught Zack’s attention.

Zack Scott is remembered for some lackluster moves, but it’s his 2021 draft which started off so badly which may ultimately define his Mets tenure for the best. Although the Mets would later trade away several of those picks, we have others alongside Christian Scott on the rise. Dom Hamel and Nate Lavender being two of the more recognizable names.