Former Mets GM admits he did look at fan trade proposals on Twitter

Tweet your best trades at the Mets and maybe they listen.
New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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If Twitter goes away, we’re all going to have to follow where former New York Mets General Manager Zack Scott ends up. Although his time with the ball club was short but came at an important year in club history, his openness these days helps give us some fun insight into what it’s like to be in a Major League Baseball front office. Scott doesn’t lambaste anyone. Instead, he answers questions and comes across as genuine and funny.

One of his latest tweets had to do with a question he gets often. The rise of social media, Twitter specifically, has allowed fans to interact with their favorite athletes or simply voice their opinion. Scott says he is often asked if he was annoyed by Steve Cohen soliciting trade ideas back in 2021. He answered and even provided the added tidbit that he looked at the trades from fans, too.

Your Mets trade tweets might’ve reached the front office after all

Some fans like to claim they’re smarter than the general manager and always know best. Only a few levels above each of our inner child is the armchair GM who only publicly acknowledges the transactions that would’ve worked out and not the plethora of ones that would’ve been disasters or never quite made any sense.

The 2021 Mets season was a wild one. Under the Steve Cohen regime, the 2023 season will be remembered most as it was the one to include the highest of expectations only for the lowest of results to come out of it. The 2021 Mets were still considered a playoff-worthy team. If not for a late-season landslide that had them finishing below .500, the team could have been in the postseason.

Scott has discussed in the past how the trade he made with the Chicago Cubs had potential to be much bigger. James McCann (paid in full), Dominic Smith, and another prospect was discussed in addition to Pete Crow-Armstrong. In return, the Mets would have received Trevor Williams and Javier Baez plus Willson Contreras, and Craig Kimbrel. Kris Bryant’s name was also discussed as well. Scott didn’t identify a specific trade, but something similar to this was discussed by the two clubs.

Will David Stearns be as open to reading mock trades on social media? Despite being of the MySpace Generation, he doesn’t seem as likely to go this route, but who knows? 

Scott did declare none of the trades he remembers stood out as good ones. It can’t hurt to throw them out there anyway.