3 former Mets that are dominating with their new teams

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Former Mets reliever Seth Lugo is shining as a starter with the San Diego Padres

After making his debut as a starting pitcher in 2016, Seth Lugo was moved to relief and excelled in that role for the Mets for several seasons. However, everyone involved in the Mets organization knew that Seth Lugo wanted to escape the bullpen. When the Mets filled their rotation without Lugo in it, he signed with the Padres with the impression that he would go back to his starting role.

Through is first four starts, Lugo is showing that he did have what it takes to start games again. With a 2.78 ERA and a 23/6 strikeout to walk ratio, Lugo has been indispensable for the Padres so far.

Even though they went their separate ways, there appears to still be mutual respect between Lugo and the front office. He said that he held no resentment toward the organization, and the Mets put together a tribute video for him when San Diego flew into town earlier in April.

Going into this season, Mets fans would've most likely chosen any of their starting five over Lugo, just like the front office did. However, after the amount of injuries the team has faced, most fans would be thrilled if we managed to hold onto Lugo this offseason. This was never going to be the case sadly, as it was clear Lugo wanted to go to a team that he was assured to have a starting role from the start.