3 former Mets that are dominating with their new teams

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers
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Former Mets outfielder Travis Jankowski is having his career resurgence with the Texas Rangers

Raise your hand if you had a Travis Jankowski breakout campaign on your 2023 MLB bingo card.

Mostly known to Mets fans for his speed, Jankowski has rediscovered his hitting with the Rangers this season. He is hitting a remarkable .325 with a .863 OPS, and has already recorded four more hits than he did with the Mets all of last season. This isn't an issue of small simple size either; he is often starting for the Rangers and has played some stellar defense as well.

The Rangers certainly didn't expect this when they signed Jankowski this offseason. In fact, he was originally going to start the season in Triple-A before an injury kept him on the roster. Since then, he has done nothing but produce and has been a massive part of the Rangers early success.

In all fairness, the Mets didn't have much room for Travis Jankowski. The team is littered with outfielders, meaning that Jankowski would've most likely been relegated to a base stealing job once again. The Mets already filled the pinch runner role with Tim Locastro, but his inability to hit makes him a liability to put in the starting lineup. Mets fans would've loved to have this version of Jankowski on the roster, but there was no way the front office could've seen this coming.