James McCann is the latest to maul the Mets in the dog days of summer

We should've expected James McCann to be the one to beat down the Mets.
New York Mets v Baltimore Orioles
New York Mets v Baltimore Orioles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Friday night would’ve been known as The James McCann Game if the New York Mets were actually competing for something. It’s the desire of all baseball fans for these ongoing dog days of summer for their team to have some fighting chance. The Mets don’t and ever since they sold heavily at the trade deadline which seemed like months ago but took place only this past Tuesday, the team has gone winless.

Getting swept by the Kansas City Royals was the low point. However, getting mauled by former Mets catcher James McCann in the team’s 10-3 loss against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday had its own special kind of pain.

McCann was literally dumped onto the Orioles this past offseason. The Mets wanted to clear a little bit of salary space but more so the roster spot. What did he do in their first meeting? He went 3 for 3 with 5 RBI.

Of course former NY Mets catcher James McCann had to join in on the beating this week

It hasn’t been an especially fun week of Mets baseball. As exciting as a freshly improved farm system is, the present day ball club has had little life in it. There is no shame losing to the Orioles. It’s how it happened that sent a dagger through the hearts of Mets fans and began to twist it as the game progressed.

After tossing three shutout innings, David Peterson was lifted for a cavalcade of relievers to join in on the action. Six relievers would take turns on the mound with John Curtiss as the first to break. Later on, Phil Bickford and Reed Garrett let the game get out of hand.

The results of the Royals series should’ve prepared us for McCann being the guy to go off for the O’s in this one. By the time this game was over, 33% of McCann’s runs batted in for the year had been added to his Baseball-Reference Page.

There was a thought even just one week ago after Max Scherzer helped take down the Washington Nationals that maybe the Mets could go on some sort of a run. It was their second straight win versus the Nationals with two left. It felt like the team was more than capable of rolling into Kansas City and taking three wins away with them, too.

A lot has changed in this short period. Pieces have been sold. The performance on the field has stunk. James McCann has had his best game in years. This year’s dog days of summer are a mean junkyard mutt.