3 former Braves players the Mets should consider signing this offseason

Three bats once belonging to the Braves are available for the Mets this winter.
Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins
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2) Joc Pederson

There is definitely some irony here if the Mets were to sign Joc Pederson. He would, in some ways, take the role they signed Tommy Pham for this past year. It's still impossible to think about either of them without recalling the infamous slap over fantasy football rules.

Aside from this being a cheeky signing, Pederson could give the Mets similar production as Soler but from the left side of the plate. Also a corner outfielder better utilized as a DH, could this one-time Braves fan favorite make his way to Queens?

Pederson had a very good 2022 season with the San Francisco Giants but followed it up with a much less productive year with them in 2023. His batting average dropped from .274 to .235. His home runs went from 23 to 15 in only 8 fewer plate appearances. A drastically declining glove made him a DH more often than not.

Pederson does have some of that championship “swagger” the Mets were missing last year. We saw how he brought a different kind of attitude to the Braves in 2021. From the onset, could he offer the same fun attitude for the Mets in 2024?

Less of a power hitter than Soler but a guy to likely rebound and hit for a better average, the choice between these two could be whether or not the Mets prefer a primary DH who is a righty or a lefty. Neither is a good defensive player any longer so if that’s what the team is looking for, they can move on. Maybe they even look at this third ex-Braves player.