1 Mets player who will be a first-time All-Star in 2023

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Let’s talk New York Mets All-Stars. The 2022 club sent Pete Alonso, Edwin Diaz, Starling Marte, and Jeff McNeil to the game. We can already anticipate those four being candidates in 2023. With any luck, they’ll be joined by one important member of the roster who has yet to make an appearance at the event.

It’s kind of amazing considering the production and numbers, but Brandon Nimmo has never been an All-Star. Injuries have definitely factored in. Last year seemed like his best chance but he was passed over.

This will change in 2023. Nimmo is destined to end his drought and legitimize his career further with an All-Star selection.

Mets center fielder Brandon Nimmo will face some difficulties becoming an All-Star

There is a good chance Nimmo has the best numbers of any center fielder in the National League next season. This should help him stand out from many other worthy candidates. Continuing to hit for a high average while posting top-level OBP numbers as the leadoff hitter on one of the best teams in the league should make him an early candidate before the season even begins.

The three starters on last year’s NL All-Star roster were all corner outfielders with the trio being Ronald Acuna Jr., Mookie Betts, and Joc Pederson. All-Star voting doesn’t take this into account. There just aren’t enough good center fielders in the game for them to specify on the ballot.

The reserve outfielders were Mets right fielder Starling Marte, Ian Happ, Kyle Schwarber, and Juan Soto. Again, we have no center fielders at all! The American League actually had quite a few regular center fielders, however, that won’t affect Nimmo over in the NL and on the ballot.

A big factor in preventing Nimmo from making the roster could be the presence of Michael Harris II. The Atlanta Braves tend to do well in the ballot boxes. Harris may win a starting gig and Nimmo could end up buried behind corner outfielders who tend to hit for more power thus have some fatter numbers. The rule of every team needing a representative may get in the way, too. Often year has a few unworthy players. Sometimes it’s a power-hitting outfielder that takes a spot from someone better.

Mets fans may feel a little more optimistic about Nimmo’s 2023 season. Watching him closely, we’ve been waiting for this moment. In 2023, it’s meant to finally happen.

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