4 Mets highlights from the first half of the 2022 season

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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Mets Highlight: July 9th, Keith Hernandez number retirement ceremony

What a journey it has been for Keith Hernandez in Queens. It all started off with a trade back in 1983 that brought the Gold Glove, Co-MVP, and World Champion to Queens from St. Louis.

Reluctant to want to be here at first, Hernandez became a legend in Queens and has been here ever since.

He transformed the team and provided leadership on and off the field that could not be compared. Just ask his teammates. This leadership led to a great second half of the 80s culminating with a World Series championship in 1986.

Following the World Series championship, Hernandez shared co-captain duties with Gary Carter. This lasted until the end of 1989 when his contract ran out.

After retiring, he became a fixture in New York by making a guest appearance on the popular comedy sitcom, Seinfeld.

Hernandez returned to the Mets organization, but this time as a play-by-announcer on SNY along with Gary Cohen and former teammate Ron Darling. Not only did he succeed on the field but has become one-third of possibly the best broadcast team in all of baseball.

I never got to see Hernandez play, but being in attendance for his retirement ceremony showed me just how important he was not only to this organization but to the fan base in Queens as well.

A sold-out crowd packed Citi Field to see one of the greatest get his number retired. From the video package to Keith’s speech it was a beautiful ceremony and day to honor this Mets legend.

On top of that, there was baseball to be played after the ceremony and the Mets defeated the Marlins in a comeback that even the 1986 championship team would be proud of.

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