3 biggest Mets winners and 3 biggest losers from the first half of the season

Winners and losers from the first half of the Mets season.
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets
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Biggest NY Mets winner: Optimistic and patient fans

Maybe the opposite of the Lindork is the overly optimistic and patient Mets fan. Yes, they exist. They’re usually somebody’s aunt or one of those people you legitimately never hear say a bad word about someone else. They’re out there somewhere, donating their free time to charity and paying for the meal of the person in the drive-thru line behind them.

Those lucky enough to be born with this much optimism and/or patience might be feeling good about the Mets right now. A strong finish to the first half has provided you with every reason to stick with them through at least the end of the summer. Just as it seemed they were dead in June, they’ve come back to life. Anything is possible at this point.

Frankly, anyone who lives their life with a lot of optimism and patience is a winner even outside of the sports world. How do you do it?

Humbly pat yourself on the back if you think you’re one of the winners who fall into this category. There’s still plenty of baseball left to play. Stranger things have happened. A few early wins after the All-Star Break and this is a team that could be headed toward adding, not subtracting at the trade deadline. All you need to do is get into the postseason, right?