3 biggest Mets winners and 3 biggest losers from the first half of the season

Winners and losers from the first half of the Mets season.
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets
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Biggest NY Mets loser: Constant and unjustified Francisco Lindor haters

Some people just love to rip on Francisco Lindor even when things are going well. His batting average might literally be the only negative from his first half. I get how frustrating it is at times. He hasn’t been the same player he was in Cleveland. The fact that he is having one of the better seasons among all MLB shortstops and has produced as many runs as he has proven he remains a tremendous ballplayer, only a different one.

Lindor haters, or Lindorks as many Mets fans came to call them early on in his New York tenure, never have a tough time finding ways to criticize him. A single miscue erases any of the good he offers the team. It doesn’t matter how many runs he drives in or clutch hits he has or mound visits he makes to take control of the game. Lindor is not a perfect player and his haters won’t budge.

The thing about many of the Lindor detractors is they seem more interested in seeing him fail than prove them wrong. What is it about a sports fan who’d rather be right than happy? The feeling of “I told you so” must release a kind of endorphin no championship could ever provide.