NY Mets Festivus celebration this year is all feats of strength, no grievances

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Happy Festivus New York Mets fans! While you’re busy airing grievances with your family, coworkers, neighbors, and everyone else that makes you miserable in life, I invite you to take a few minutes to go to a different room or hotel room and instead reflect on another part of the holiest of holidays: the feats of strength.

As everyone knows, Festivus also has the feats of strength portion of the day. In regards to the Mets, that’s all this day is about.

There are no grievances to air with the Mets this year, just a lot of feats of strength to reflect on

Everyone celebrates Festivus a little bit differently. If you’re one of those Festivus celebrators with a tree, you probably have a Max Scherzer angel on top of it. Those who light candles every December 23rd don’t need a lighter or match to make it happen. Steve Cohen has lit the fire for all Mets fans this year.

The greatest strength of the Mets has been Mr. Cohen’s wallet. The city of New York can attract some players. The fame. The attention. They're all nice for some athletes. But we all know money speaks a few octaves louder than any of those aspects.

Last year’s Festivus celebration was all about hope. It was before the Francisco Lindor trade but after the Mets already began to add some quality players to the roster. Most of what they did to try to improve the roster came after the Festivus celebration was over and grievances for the new year were already beginning to amass.

Because of the MLB lockout, the Mets were eager to make this a Festivus for the rest of us! They were one of the more aggressive teams in free agency. They solved the center field question, added another outfielder and an infielder, and gave us the star atop our Festivus trees and rotation.

In an early Festivus Miracle, the organization also hired Buck Showalter to keep the team in line. It was a huge change of pace from the usual hires of first-timers for this Mets manager job.

It’s weird to sit here on Festivus and have no real grievances about the Mets to air. Sure, the 2021 season was rough at times. But that’s in the past now. This year’s celebration is all about enjoying the feats of strength the Mets showcased and should continue to.

The Festivus Miracles came early this year. The Mets are flexing, the fans are no longer kvetching, and all is right in Queens today.

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