2023 Mets farm system rankings and benefits for the organization

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
Miami Marlins v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The 2023 New York Mets season is well underway, currently sitting in second place of the notorious National League East. Another interesting standing came out a few months ago by MLB.com; the 2023 Major League Baseball farm system rankings.

MLB’s preseason ranking has the Mets lounging at the 11th spot, right after the Washington Nationals and ahead of the Chicago Cubs. This ranking is a progressive improvement since 2021. The Mets preseason 2021 rank was 19, which moved to 20 in the 2022 preseason listings.

It is without a doubt the Mets drafted successfully the past few years, along with retaining some promising talent in the international signing periods. With such a valuable farm system, what does this mean moving forward?

The Mets can benefit in a huge way with a talent-rich farm system

The money-man with a plan, Steve Cohen, did his Christmas shopping throughout the offseason to ensure the Mets bounced back from a heartbreaking end to the 2022 season. New York went into the market with intentions to bring a World Series championship to Queens; this involved key free agent signings and retaining key pieces.

They also retained an untouched barn, packed with young talent. The Mets top 30 prospects include 15 pitchers, two catchers, five primary outfielders, and eight primary infielders. At least seven of these prospects are expected to see the big lights of a major league field this year.

The Mets have four players ranked on Major League Baseball’s top 100 prospect rankings: Francisco Alvarez who ranks first overall, Brett Baty at 19th, Kevin Parada at 33, and Alex Ramirez at 90. From one to 30, the Mets have a well-built grassroots system lead by 2021 and 2022 draft picks along with recent international prospects such as Simon Juan.

The next wave of Mets are set up to be as intriguing as the team on in the field, in due time. The organization is set up for extreme success in the near future, but let’s talk about right here right now! There are key pieces on this list that could and or may be involved in pertinent blockbuster moves towards the trade deadline.

One through seven on the top 30 list can easily be packaged to bring in role players towards the postseason hunt. With the Mets as favorites to win the east, it is a possibility that pieces are dealt accordingly to secure a division title and more. It is without a doubt that the goal is to go all the way, with a win now approach.  New York has an upper advantage as they hold the cards from a deck full of prospects.

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