Mets fans will grow sick of rooting for the Phillies, other rivals this month

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Phillies have done the New York Mets a lot of favors this year. By rolling over and losing plenty when they did face each other, New York will need one last favor from them before the year is over.

The Atlanta Braves, now only a single game behind the Mets for the National League East lead, play the Phillies 7 times in September. Three of those games take place in Atlanta with the other four in Philadelphia.

Put on your red and blue caps and maybe a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, Mets fans. The National League East race is going to have you feeling a little icky.

The Mets and Braves do face each other, too

The Mets can only do so much to improve their chances at winning the division. Winning the games they play—and as many of them—is all they can control. They won’t factor into the Braves’ record except for three games right at the very end.

The penultimate series of the year for both clubs includes a trio in Atlanta. September 30 through October 2 pits these two clubs against one another. It could be the deciding series. It would be a good guess to believe that even after things are over and the two teams go in different directions that things aren’t quite settled.

This month and into early October, Mets fans have a secondary team to cheer on. It’s whoever is playing the Braves. That’s often the case as these two clubs have been long and known rivals for a good number of years. Even in the far-too-often years when the Amazins aren’t in the pennant race, seeing the Braves lose has some satisfaction.

After games against the Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and San Francisco Giants, the Braves play nothing but NL East squads. Along with the Phillies, the Mets will ask for a little help from the Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals. Prepare to feel a little ill.

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