Mets fans have already lost patience with these 3 players

Daniel Vogelbach, New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
Daniel Vogelbach, New York Mets v San Francisco Giants / Brandon Vallance/GettyImages
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No one wins or loses a championship after the season’s first month, but some concerning trends have emerged for the New York Mets with April behind them.

While the team held things together despite an injury-depleted starting rotation, there was little to suppress some of the most frequent criticisms laid on the team prior to Opening Day. Putting aside the fragility of an older pitching staff, issues towards the bottom of the lineup emerged - specifically, a lack power and production at certain positions.

For a few notable Mets, fan patience has already run thin.

1) NY Mets fans have lost patience with Daniel Vogelbach

A common criticism of the Mets’ lineup going into this season was a lack of relative power, particularly at the designated hitter spot. Sure enough, the Mets had just two home runs and a .198 / .330 / .286 slash line from DHs in their first 27 games.

Despite only starting as a DH against right-handers, Daniel Vogelbach has epitomized those numbers in many ways. On the surface, his slash line through April - .271 / .417 / .375 – looks fine, but it also illustrates the root of the issue.

Ironically, the fans’ impatience with him is that he’s too patient. When the Mets acquired Vogelbach last year at the trade deadline, it was to inject more power into the lineup behind the likes of Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor. His selectiveness at the plate – while undoubtedly one of his strengths – has become redundant in a lineup filled with high on-base hitters and sacrifices too much of the power he can provide.

Yes, the .417 on-base percentage looks great in a vacuum. But a year after hitting 18 home runs and not long removed from a career-high 30 home runs in 2019, Vogelbach hit just one ball over the fence in April.

The Mets don’t need Vogelbach to get on base – they need him to drive the ball.