Are Mets fans still looking for a shortstop?


Now that the shortstop for the New York Mets has surpassed a milestone and become a member of the 30-30 club, it begs the question if Mets fans will stop wishing they had someone else between second and third. The fans were clamoring for a number shortstops who were available for a measly few dollars over the last two off-seasons.

I admit, I really wanted Trea Turner even with the presence of Francisco Lindor, hoping he would move to second, third, or, better yet, centerfield. Turner was one of the most feared guys at the top of the lineup because of his speed. He spent 7 ½ seasons with the Nationals wreaking havoc and then he went to the Dodgers for a season and a half. He joined the Phillies prior to the 2023 season and, after an awful start, he is at .263, 26 HR, 79 RBI, 29 SB. His stats are respectable, but he is nowhere near the feared player he once was.

Before the Dodgers lost Turner, they lost Corey Seager when he signed with Texas before the 2022 season. And although he hit 33 homers in his first season, he struggled to hit .245. But this season, he is hitting a league-leading .333, with 33 HR and 96 RBI. After seven pretty good years with the Dodgers, Seager has busted loose in Texas.

Dansby Swanson spent eight steady and productive years with the Braves. He has been a steady performer with the Cubs this season as well, helping them to contend for post season play. His stats are a bit down, .249, 22 HR, 80 RBI, but close to his career numbers. Playing at Wrigley one would assume that the numbers would increase, not decrease.

Xander Boegarts has pretty much duplicated his yearly output during his 10 years with the Red Sox, hitting .293 with 19 HR and 57 RBI in his first year with the Padres. The four-time All Star was signed when Fernando Tatis, Jr. was suspended. Even with the return of Tatis, Boegarts has remained at short with Tatis in right field. That could change if Manny Machado is moved after this season. However, adding yet another All Star in Boegarts did not elevate the Padres to post season play in 2023.

The New York Mets knew all about going after another high-priced shortstop on the free agent market

Mets fans know all about the Carlos Correa saga. After seven pretty good seasons with the Astros, he was the hot potato of the 2022 pre-season. The Giants wanted him. Then they didn’t. The Mets wanted him. To play third base…or second. Then THEY didn’t. The Twins finally took him and he suddenly began having health issues.   After a decent season in 2022, he is now at .230 with 18 HR 65 RBI with the Twins.

Javy Baez…the poster child for talent going down the drain. Another guy Mets fans are quite aware of. And has any player fallen from grace more than Baez? After a horrible first season in Detroit, the 2023 season was downright embarrassing – a .219 BA with 9 HR and 58 RBI. In his 7 ½ seasons with Cubs, he was one of the most dynamic players in the game. Now? Not so much.

And now for Francisco Lindor…

Lindor has been on the field every day. After a rough start, the only switch-hitter among this group is hitting .255 with 30 home runs, 96 RBI, 104 runs scored, and 30 stolen bases. He has played a stellar shortstop. And he has never, ever made an excuse for a mistake or poor performance. He is candid and speaks to the media without shying away from the tough questions or circumstances.

Still whining and complaining? Who would YOU rather have?