Mets fans find themselves cheering for the Phillies over the Braves

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The phrase “pick your poison” couldn’t be more relevant than it is for New York Mets fans right now looking for someone to root for in the National League Divisional Series matchup between the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies. Easily the franchise’s two biggest rivals, many fans aren’t having a tough time deciding which one to cheer on.

It’s frightening. It’s sickening. We may all need some professional help after.

Many Mets fans are finding themselves shouting loudly in favor of Bryce Harper and the Phillies but only because it’s against a Braves team we all came to dislike.

A lot of Mets fans are rooting for the Phillies over the Braves right now

The rivalry between the Mets and Braves was spectacular this year. It came down to almost the very end. The two teams even finished with identical 101-61 regular season records. However, it was the Braves who won 10 out of 19 against the Mets to secure first place. It’s a big reason why they’re alive right now; maybe not for long.

For as much as the average Mets fan cannot stand Philadelphia, the Phillies came across as an underdog team for much of the year. The Mets beat up on them in a variety of ways. If there’s one team that made the Phillies look like they had no shot at the postseason, it was the Mets. From comebacks to no-hitters, the Mets were able to embarrass them throughout the 2022 regular season.

So why cheer for them over Atlanta? Spencer Strider’s comments, William Contreras stealing Edwin Diaz’s entrance song, and all of the Braves fans we encountered on social media this year helped stir the sports hate.

Phillies fans are, in many ways, a lot like Mets fans. They expect misery. After all, no MLB team has lost more games than they have. The city of Philadelphia is as passionate about their sports as New Yorkers. It’s what makes it such a natural rivalry along with the short trip up or down I-95 to get from one place to another.

Mets fans are caught in a difficult position in terms of who to root for in the remaining playoff pool. The Braves and Phillies are tough. So are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the team that eliminated us, the San Diego Padres.

Over in the American League, the choices don’t get much better. The New York Yankees and Houston Astros are easy to root against. This leaves us with the Cleveland Guardians and Seattle Mariners who have several ex-Mets on the roster. Can we actually root for Paul Sewald?

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