4 things Mets fans want to see down the stretch

What Mets fans need to see for a more promising future
Brett Baty is a huge part of the Mets future
Brett Baty is a huge part of the Mets future / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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3. NY Mets need to let Ronny Mauricio, Mike Vasil, and Justin Jarvis get their feet wet in the majors

There is no reason not to let the Mets near major league ready prospects get their feet wet down the stretch. It is important to see if any of these young guys have a chance to contribute to the 2024 New York Mets.

It could be argued Mauricio should've already been called up to the big league team, as he spent most of the year killing Triple-A pitching. He has slowed down considerably as of late, with reports saying he is disinterested at Triple-A as he awaits his callup. It sounds like he he might feel left behind, and that frustration is resulting in his poor play.

As the Mets play out the string with guys like Danny Mendick, DJ Stewart, and Rafael Ortega getting playing time, it is time to snap Mauricio out of his malaise and give him his shot at the majors.

There are questions about his defense as playing second base and the outfield is still new to him. There is very little to lose in having him learn at the major league level though. At least Mets fans could have something to look forward to and see a guy who might actually have a future here in the lineup.

Vasil and Jarvis have struggled at Triple-A, but they will be counted on for depth next season. They could play the Peterson/Megill roles from this season, hopefully with better performance. Carlos Carrasco has no future with the Mets and his performance has been awful. The Mets would be better served to see Vasil or Jarvis start in his place.