4 things Mets fans want to see down the stretch

What Mets fans need to see for a more promising future

Brett Baty is a huge part of the Mets future
Brett Baty is a huge part of the Mets future / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2. NY Mets need to see if David Peterson or Tylor Megill can contribute in next season's starting rotation

David Peterson and Tylor Megill have been two of the biggest dissapointments for the Mets in 2023. They were being counted on as solid depth but they have been anything but this season.

Peterson in particular was coming off a very solid 2022 and as a former first round pick more is expected of him. Megill has gotten shelled this season and hasn't even given the Mets a chance in games he started.

The Mets have a rotation to fill out for 2024 and right now only Kodai Senga and Jose Quintana are guaranteed a spot. There is room for Peterson and/or Megill to snag a spot in the 2024 rotation. If the Mets are really not going to spend at the top of the free-agent market this off-season they may count on Peterson or Megill for one of those spots.

For that to happen, they need to pitch well down the stretch. Peterson pitched well out of the bullpen in recent weeks, that could be a springboard for him the rest of the season. If he can take the things he learned out of the bullpen and apply them to starting it would be a big bonus for next year's team.

Megill was just recalled from Triple-A, where he made adjustments to his release point that could help improve things for him. These two are going to be given every chance down the stretch to show they can be future contributors, lets hope they can figure it out.