4 reasons why every New York Mets fan should believe in this team again

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages
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The New York Mets are a .500 baseball team. Not what we wanted to hear at this point of the season, right? Yet thanks to a four-game winning streak that includes two come-from-behind, walk-off wins, Mets fans are feeling better than a 23-23 record would normally indicate.

For any Mets fans that aren't yet aboard the hype train, was your TV broken this week? Get to the station now while there are still seats available. If you asked a week ago, it would have been difficult to come up with many reasons to believe that this team was going to be anything other than a massive disappointment. Times have changed, though, and we gotta believe. Here's why.

1) The Baby Mets

Most people don't know this, but I have six kids, and I love them all. Three of them live at home and range from four to eight years old. The other three play baseball for a living. Their names are Brett, Francisco, and Mark.

Like the local bookstore owner that steals the heart of the protagonist of a Hallmark movie that has returned home for the holidays, the Baby Mets have given me a reason to love again. I call it "Home Run of the Heart." Be right back, I need to call Hallmark.

In a season that can seem endless at times, no baseball team can reach the finish line without coming together. Brett Baty, Francisco Alvarez, and Mark Vientos have been the glue that has solidified a Mets team that played like less than the sum of its parts before their respective arrivals.

The team's recent four-game winning streak wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of all three, and they're only scratching the surface of what they can do. Even better, Mets manager Buck Showalter seems to be realizing it also, as he started all three in Friday's epic 10-9 win over the Guardians. The trio has made themselves impossible to ignore, which bodes incredibly well for the team's prospects the rest of the season.