3 reasons why Mets fans shouldn’t panic about the shrinking lead

Mets fans have been worried about the shrinking division lead, but I'm here to tell you ... just relax.
Mets fans have been worried about the shrinking division lead, but I'm here to tell you ... just relax. / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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A few weeks ago, the New York Mets had a double-digit division lead in the National League East. Now after the West Coast trip, it’s down to 5.5.

And fans are panicking. It makes sense. After the Mets collapsed down the stretch last season, people are scarred. The Braves came from behind, took the division and then won it all. It looks like they are doing the same thing right now.

I’m here to tell you, don’t panic. Don’t overreact. Don’t freak out.

1) Mets fans shouldn't panic because the Braves haven’t lost since May

It’s only natural that when a team goes on a winning streak like this, they’re going to gain ground in the standings.

I guess if you believe the Braves are never going to lose again, then yes, the Mets are going to lose the division by a healthy margin. The Braves will then go on to set an MLB record with 135 wins in a season.

That means one of two things is true: Either the Braves are the best team in MLB history, or, maybe, just maybe … they’re on a hot streak and are going to come back down to earth.

I’m willing to bet on the latter. I think I’ll win too.

Obviously, the Braves will lose again. Things like this happen, teams go on streaks — but they always even out.

Just appreciate the fact that the Mets built such an enormous division lead that they still be ahead by 5.5 games even with the Braves winning 11 straight. It’s not often a team can win that many games in a row this early in the season and still be that far out of first place.

Besides, the 11 wins came against the Diamondbacks, Rockies, A’s and Pirates. Those aren’t good teams. And get ready, it’s going to continue: The Braves’ next two series are vs. the Nationals and Cubs.

Yes, the Mets lost ground in the division. That’s what should happen when the Braves win 11 in a row. They might lose some more, the Braves are a good team. Relax.