3 players in which the Mets either failed, are failing, or will fail and mismanage

New York Mets v New York Yankees
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Brett Baty should be raking for the New York Mets, not the Syracuse Mets.

Brett Baty is 9-of-27 with 3 home runs and a 1.196 OPS this season... for Triple-A Syracuse. Oh.... oh good! And Eduardo Escobar... just .103 and 1 home run... for the New York Mets. That's a problem.

And we're seeing first hand the mistake the Mets made not letting Brett Baty make the team. It feels like the third baseman is an automatic out in the Mets lineup. This is an easy first guess, and anyone could have seen it from far away.

Baty could have used an opportunity to test his eye discipline against the Marlins. There is also the opportunity coming up against Oakland's anemic pitching this weekend to get some good stats in and against the Dodgers next week to test him against world class pitching, so Mets fans should hope that Baty continues his success in Triple-A to force Billy Eppler's hand here.

Perhaps Eppler is being extra cautious with Baty because Alvarez struggled in his first two games in the majors and they want to season Baty a bit, but still that's no excuse.

But, you know, the Mets feel like they have to justify the Eduardo Escobar contract and paying him eight figures this year.