A compromise for Edwin Diaz returning from his injury this year

This compromise could satisfy those hoping to see Edwin Diaz back on the mound this year.
New York Mets Photo Day
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Edwin Diaz wasn't expected to return to the mound this year, however, the New York Mets closer has toughed out the rehab with the goal of pitching in a game this season. For many, it feels like eating a salad for dinner on the first day of your diet after a trip to Dairy Queen for breakfast and lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It’s 1,000 calories just to enter either of those places.

This could've felt like a late season monster addition if only the Mets had more meaning behind these final games. They don't. It has many questioning why bother?

Diaz coming back would provide some juice at Citi Field in a month where electricity isn’t expected to be all that intense. Fans would love to see a game finished off by him. A return of the trumpets is a pulse check. The cons are obvious with Diaz risking a setback or new injury by pushing himself into game action too quickly. A middle ground can be found. Let’s try to make everyone happy.

NY Mets closer Edwin Diaz should throw only one pitch this year

Diaz is going to throw hard and from 60 feet, 6 inches regardless of the situation. If doctors clear him, he’ll go as far as he’s allowed. Games are different from doing so in the cage or before the first pitch in the outfield. Speaking of first pitches, wouldn't that be the way to satisfy everyone?

A scheduled Diaz first pitch works for everyone. A necessary dosage of Timmy Trumpets will play. Diaz gets to unload a pitch from the mound in front of his fans and feel the love. It’ll be the reminder he needs during any offseason rehab program he may continue with. Nobody gets hurt. The pitch has as much meaning as any other he could possibly throw in a game.

A little tacky? Way less than the fan eager to see him pitch again would want? You betcha.

The Mets have long turned the page on playing competitive games. A Diaz first pitch won't necessarily draw a crowd, but it can give those in attendance another reminder of what the club will have in the back of the bullpen next season.

Sunday, October 1, at Citi Field with a scheduled first pitch of 3:10pm is when the Mets play their final game versus the Philadelphia Phillies. Let Diaz close out the season in a more appropriate and simple way.

And for goodness sake, don’t let his feet leave the ground!